Financial Independence through Knowledge And Action

Our aim is to enable women to be financially independent. We will provide you with direction, guidance and advice to create wealth by taking your own decisions.

Become financially - 
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The FIKAA tree
Divya Dutt - Farmer

I am a Data Analyst

With FIKAA, I am now an INVESTOR

Farha Khan - Business Woman

FIKAA Investment Plans helped me to secure my family's future.

Women First

Your journey from being great savers to wealth creators starts here.
Your Future, your Decisions
Truly for the women of Today


An App that focuses on every woman's desire for financial freedom.

The idea behind the word FIKAA is inspired by a swedish concept Fika  - a chat over coffee, exactly defining our intention of making investments Easy, Fresh and Snackable.


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Power of Compounding

Growing your wealth gradually & exponentially.

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Safety first

AI backed Investments with minimum risk.

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Golden returns

Invest long term, reduce volatility & generate higher returns.

Our Products


Mutual Funds

Invest in diversified
portfolios through Mutual Fund.


Digital Gold   (Coming Soon)

Start your digital gold SIP in
24k Hallmark gold for as low as Rs. 100

Benefits of FIKAA

Making investments easy

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    Designed for you

    Customized investment options as per your risk appetite.

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    Quick Onboarding

    Get done with e-KYC in a few clicks

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    Easy Accessibility

    Monitor your investments efficiently

Build your wealth

Let’s FIKAA !


Pamper yourself

Stop worrying about budgets, you deserve better.
Start investing now and love yourself.

Save for a rainy day

Its always wise to have a fall back for emergencies.
Start investing now to live carefree.

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Secure your future

Build a future that you've always desired.
Start investing now and take your first step.

Live your dream

Dreams don't come true unless you take action.
Start investing now & put no limits to your dreams.

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FIKAA Partners

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“If men can talk money, why not women?”
Take the first step of your journey towards financial freedom.

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