FIKAA.AI & MF Basket

FIKAA.AI & MF Basket

Customized Mutual Fund Baskets based on your needs

FIKAA believes that every woman is unique and this is revealed in the way our Mutual Fund Baskets are curated. You can set your risk taking ability to a low, medium or high keeping in mind that risk and returns are directly proportional.

Supported by our FIKAA.AI algorithm

FIKAA employs AI to create customised solutions for your financial goals. Our proprietary algorithm runs through thousands of investment possibilities before coming up with something exclusive to your needs. We can safely say that there is no scope for error or promoting of any particular Mutual Fund since it’s free of human interference.


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Gold is a form of investment that all women understand irrespective of their age or background. Now, you can invest in Digital Gold which has all the benefits of physical gold with none of its disadvantages. Firstly, you can invest as little as Rs.100 in digital gold. Also, since the gold is stored with the bank and you get a certificate for it, you need not worry about the security aspect. Physical gold is generally in form of jewellery which means it incurs making charges and it is not 24 carats in purity. Digital gold is a liquid asset much like physical gold, that is, both can be encashed as easily. FIKAA believes that Digital Gold is a solid investment.